Digital & Tape Transfers








Hard Transfer to Hard Drive and Thumb Drives $10.00 for one minute to one hour of video footage

Transfer to DVD
1 copy……….$20.00
2-3 copies……….$18.00 each
4-5 copies……….$15.00 each
6-9 copies……….$13.50 each
10-15 copies……….$10.00 each
16-25 copies……….$8.50 each
26-49 copies……….$7.00 each


  • Please call for rates for 50 copies or greater. We can transfer but not limited to 1000 DVD’s at great rates and fast turn around time.
  • All duplications are done in house.
  • All DVD’s come with color print directly on the DVD (not labels).
  • Black slim DVD cases are included with all DVD copies.  Inserts to be discussed per job.  The inserts are magazine quality.

There is a tape combination fee of $2.50 per tape.
Example:  You would like 3 VHS tapes combined onto 1 DVD.
The cost would be $5.00 ($2.50 after the first VHS tape)  plus the $20.00 totaling $25.00.  If you require more than one DVD then the above rates apply after the first DVD is made.

Some DVD’s may not be able to play in all DVD players.
At the moment, there is a wide variety of DVD formats. The most popular formats are DVD+ and DVD-.  Most DVD players manufactured after the year 2000  plays both formats. Colorado Springs Video uses mainly DVD-R but can duplicate DVD+R to DVD+R.  For all other transfers, we use DVD-R.  Please consult your DVD manual for  product specifications before placing an order! Colorado Springs Video tests all DVD’s before they are delivered. Colorado Springs Video is not liable for DVD’s that do not play in your DVD player.
*DVD-R plays in most DVD players.
*DVD-RAM is used mainly for computers.
*We do not duplicate copyright protected products such as movies!

Shipping is also available.  Please call to discuss available shipping service rates.


Call us at 719-233-2667 to discuss your video project!