Film Transfers


8mm, Super 8mm, Super 8mm with sound and 16mm

We takes special care and pride transferring old family film movies to DVD. We transfer your film through a digital process.  While it is processed, we view all the footage correcting over and under exposed lighting issues.  We also correct color issues when needed.  Please visit our Duplication page for other video formats we transfer.
Please call for rates for 16 copies or greater.
8mm, super 8mm and 16mm $2.25 per minute of footage.

DVD Copies*(DVD-R format)
1 copy            $20.00
2-3 copies      $18.00 each
4-5 copies      $15.00 each
6-9 copies      $13.50 each
10-15 copies  $10.00 each

Our basic transfer package has 2-4 seconds of black between each reel.  The footage is then put to DVD with basic scene selection titles.

Fully Authored DVD for $75.00.

An authored DVD includes a main title screen with the look and feel of an old 8mm film.  This also includes  scene selection, music, titles and transitions.  Your first DVD is included in the $75.00 price.  Please refer to the price chart above for each additional DVD.  Some projects require DVD sets because of the length of the project (over 1 1/2 hours of film).  Each DVD in a set is $75.00.

* Not all DVD’s will work in all DVD players.  Colorado Springs Video is not liable for compatibility issues.  Please visit our Duplication page for more details

Vinyl Records and Cassette Tapes

Vinyl Records and Audio Cassette Tapes to CD.
We offer two methods of transferring your old records and Tapes to CD.
The first is a straight transfer for $20.00 per CD.
The second is cleaning the audio tracks removing unwanted noise and adding titles to each track. $35.00 Per CD.
Audio Cassettes have a run time of about 45 minutes per side.  A CD can hold up to 80 minutes.   Two CDs will be required for one cassette tape.

Do you need multiple copies of DVDs or CDs?  Please visit our Duplication page for rates.

* Not all DVDs will work in all DVD players.  Colorado Springs Video is not liable for compatibility issues.



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